The Ultimate Seller Appointment Systems

Are you a real estate professional that wants to Close More Deals and Get More Listings?

This is Critical!!!

These three ingredients are critical to our business as Real Estate Professionals. 

We know the opportunity cost if we don't have them.

That cost is money left on the table that regularly exceeds:

$50,000, even 
$100,000 and beyond... 

Have you been there? 
We have. 

That's exactly why we created the Ultimate Seller Appointment System, and why we're sharing it... 

We value time with our family and friends, and finally refused to continue working for our business; we wanted our business to work for us. 

Are you at that crossroads?

 Have you walked away from a listing or seller    
     appointment empty-handed, knowing you should             have a deal?

How many times have you been at the finish line,              only to lose the deal because a verbal contract fell            apart?

 Have you ever been held back by your process or              system (maybe because you didn't have one)?

"...with the Ultimate Seller Appointment System we closed 98 out of 300 seller appointments in record time..." 

- Erik Bee, Creator of The Ultimate Seller Appointment System


Purchase Agreement

Offer Packet

Deal Analyzer

Property Analysis

Experienced Agents & Investors are moving from 6-figures to 7-figures FAST using our proven USAS.

New Agents & Investors are profiting windfalls above the competition, going form zero to 6-figures FAST. 

This is a tool to scale your business, too. 

Join now and and discover what your team is truly capable of. 

The USAS is the ingredient that creates success: You'll close more deals in record time in their first visit with a seller!

This is what the top 1% of Real Estate Professionals use.

"I have always been searching for and testing new ways to stand out as a broker and an investor. 

From the time I first started my real estate journey as an appraiser, I developed a habit to keep a giant notepad so I would be prepared to write down everything as I was on the job. 

Just as a I did when I was a broker and in my appraisal life, that detailed practice became part of my investor journey. 

But there was a problem: I ended each day with more admin work than anything, and it robbed me of time away from my family, friends & loved ones.

It wasn’t until one year, I was struggling to balance work and life with as a husband with two young boys, that I had an epiphany. 

At that time it seems that no matter how hard I tried to be prepared, I was missing something when it came time to close the deals, meeting with the seller. 

Often, the gap was easily identified: whether it was a credibility piece, a testimonial, info about my team, not having the right contract ready to be signed, proof of funds, comps, a net sheet...

I got into this business because it was a family business, and I carry on the legacy for two reasons: It's what sustains my family, and I make a living actually helping people. 

However, not being prepared hindered both. 

I was finding myself in situations where either I would leave the appointment seeing another investor or realtor come in behind me to win the contract with them after having poured myself into creating a solution for their real estate situation - or often having the homeowner ghost me, not knowing what I did wrong... 

One evening in particular I remember losing a transaction because I didn't have the short sale documents I needed... 

I missed dinner, and I tucking my boys into bed, and came home to my wife, worried, upset, and waiting on me...

"it was at that moment I realized: all I had done was WASTE TIME!"

Not just that evening, but many others: I failed my family...

It was heartbreaking for many reasons:
It was heartbreaking for many reasons:
  • I need to close deals to support my business, teammates and family
  • It made me second guess everything I did. Was it the way I built rapport? Were my numbers off? Did I pull bad comps? Where did I go wrong?
  • And it hurt my confidence going into my other seller appointments.
As you can imagine, I was down on myself and desperate, but I knew there had to be a way to always be better prepared, create better analysis and look way more professional than the rest of the competition.

Heck, I even started caring around a scanner, printer and giant stack of contracts in the trunk everywhere I went, so I could always be ready to get a deal closed on the spot. 

But solution wasn’t good enough.

Then I was introduced to the iPad by a friend of mine. 

The iPad wasn’t new at the time and I wasn’t one of those hardcore Apple fans. 

But my friend showed me how they came out with a Pro version that had a major upgrade of apps for work, and it had the pencil with the ability to take notes that were then able to be accessed from your desktop through their iCloud. 

Like I said, I LOVE taking notes everywhere I go and being able to have all of my spreadsheets and documents in one spot, easily accessible. 

"At that point, everything changed!"

I was able to find the perfect apps and workflow that enabled me to take everything I needed from my desktop to the iPad.
I discovered how to:
  • Utilize the iPad to its full potential.
  • The Apple pencil and 4k camera allowed me to easily take pics and efficiently write all notes during the walkthrough in my analysis spreadsheets and offer packet at same time.
  • With certain apps at my finger tips, it allowed me to take my desktop spreadsheet and deal analyzer to the iPad to work remotely.
  • ​​AND above all, get the contract digitally signed on the spot and in the homeowners email inbox before I left.
It’s because of this amazing tool, I am confident in saying that it helped me schedule 300 seller appointments and close 98 of those in just ONLY 1 year. No doubt about it.

And that’s why I’m so passionate about sharing this amazing tool with you!

You can become the top investor who closes the most deals, or the a top 1% agent with the most listings. 

More importantly, you can have freedom.



Get Instant Download & Access to Video Training's on helping me close more deals with the "Ultimate Seller Appointment System", which includes:

  • Purchase Agreement
  • ​Professionally Designed, Plug-n-Play Offer Packet
  • Deal Analyzer
  • ​​Property Analysis Tool
  • ​Video training's on Installing, Implementing, & Best Practices

I understand that the regular price for all of this is $7,997...
But, when I act now, I am giving you a special price for only $4,997!'s like getting a FREE iPAD, frankly!

100% Safe, secure and confidential, your information won't be shared with anyone.

To Your Success,

Erik Bee

P.S. Every minute you wait to get the Ultimate Seller Appointment System is another potential hour away from your friends, family, and loved ones. 

At least is was for me.

If you don't take action now, the next seller appointment you lose might be lost to another agent or investor who has already started with the USAS. 

Put the power of Ultimate Seller Appointment System to work for you, and get your time back, scale your business, and change people's lives for the better.

P.P.S. If you haven't already decided to take action, scroll up, and watch the stories from other members of the Real Estate Funnel Systems family who have already experienced life-changing time freedom and business growth by implementing the Ultimate Seller Appointment System. 

I sincerely look forward to meeting with you and welcoming you into the family!

Let's do this!

Are you ready to close more seller appointments, double your transactions, and walk away from a sellers appointment with a contract signed??

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